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Standards and Practices For Health Source Group, Inc.
Healthcare Employees

Welcome to Health Source Group, Inc. We would like to Thank You for choosing HSG to represent you for supplemental staffing assignments, including travel and per diem. All information contained herein is subject to change at discretion of Health Source Group management. For most complete information please consult your Health Source Group representative and obtain information in writing. Information and responsibility maybe subject to change and differ from facility to facility. As a member of Health Source Group, Inc., your thoughts, opinions and new approaches are welcomed resources and highly valued. We take pride in each of you and strive to make you proud of us. We will work hard to find the right job for you and expect the same commitment from you, to provide competent and caring quality care. The following Standards and Practices describe the expectations of performance when working for, and representing Health Source Group, Inc.

1. You may be provided an orientation if you have never worked a shift in the facility. If an orientation is provided by facility it will vary according to facility contract terms. The Healthsource Group Staffing Coordinator will let you know the terms and length of orientation prior to accepting a shift assignment.

2. You must sign in and out on the Healthsource Group Time Card. This is the “time sheet “used by Health Source Group. Always remember to write in your lunchtime on the slip. Overtime must be
pre-approved by the facility's authorized representative in order for overtime to be authorized and paid to you. Please do not write in the areas of the time slip identified for Healthsource Group use only.

3. Health Source Group work week begins on Sunday morning shift and ends at the conclusion of the Saturday evening shift, not including the Saturday into Sunday (the 11 pm – Sunday to 7 am – Monday, or any overnight shift) will be split between the two days.You must follow shift and scheduling guidelines from the facility.

4. You are paid based upon the hours documented on the Health Source Group Time Card and approved by the client. Failure to sign in or out may result in a delay in processing your paycheck until it can be verified that you worked the shift as assigned.

5. Scheduling of all Health Source Group shifts, either per shift or short term contract assignments, must be coordinated by the Health Source Group Staffing Coordinator. *(In some cases direct bookings will be permitted between employee and facility, provided HSG is made aware of booking).

6. Report to the facility fifteen minutes before the start of the shift and plan to arrive on the assigned floor or unit at least ten minutes before the start of the shift. Upon arrival on the floor or unit, notify the supervisor that you are there to work and accept the assignment that was bases on your skills.

7. It is expected that you will arrive on time for all assigned shifts. If for any reason you may be late, call Health Source Group and the Client immediately. We can notify the facility that you are on your way, if you are unable to do so after contacting HSG.

8. Frequent cancellations of accepted and confirmed shifts cannot be tolerated. Our reputation is built on reliability and dependability.

9. A “No call/no show” may be grounds of termination.

10.For any changes in availability, sick calls, late calls, or problems while on a shift, call Health Source Group immediately so we can proactively replace you as needed.

11. While working on a shift or assignment, personal calls should be made during scheduled breaks and only from a public pay phone or a personal cell phone. Do not use the Client’s phones.

12. Use of client (facility) computers for personal tasks is prohibited for HSG employees.

13. At times, the facility may place orders for the shifts “late”- usually within one (1) hour before the start of the shift or after the shift has begun. Nursing only: if you accept the shift from us and arrive within one (1) hour from the time called, you will be paid for the entire shift.

14. Always be prepared to show your current professional license/certificate, CPR and /or ACLS card when signing in the facility.

15. Always wear your Health Source Group ID badge. This may be compared to another personal photo ID to verify your dentity.

16. Carry your own stethoscope, pens, scissors, lab coat, etc. as applicable and required for the shift or assignment.

17. The dress code for Healthsource Group consists of:

• Clean uniform dresses, scrubs, pantsuits, blouses, shirts, and pants as designated by facility.

• Clean and appropriate footwear. (No sandals, flip flops, etc)

• Hosiery must be worn at all times-socks, nylons, knee- highs but not peds.

• Jewelry permitted, but not excessive.

• Healthsource Group employees should be neat and well groomed.

18. Injuries or incidents occurring in the job must be reported to the Health Source Group office within 24 hours of the situation so an injury/accident report can be established for your protection.

19. Facilities depend on supplemental staff to offer flexibility meaning that they “will float” and readily accept the assignments given. This too reflects Health Source Group performance.

21. Health Source Group employees serve as role models by demonstrating professionalism, honesty, dependability, and maintaining confidentiality in all patient care matters. ALL HIPAA LAWS STRICTLY ENFORCED BY HSG.

22. HSG employees are prohibited from discussing their wage and or employment agreements with any staff members at facility, inclusive of any direct employees of facility as well as other per diem or temporary staff members.

23. Holidays recognized by facilities vary. Please discuss holiday info with the Health Source Group staff prior to accepting a holiday shift to obtain the correct holiday pay rates and shift starting end times.

24. Employee information and/or credentials may be sent to a facility upon request.

I have read the Health Source Group Standards and Practices.I understand the expectations of performance as an employee of the company and will comply with the set standards.