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The decision to accept a position abroad is not one that should be made lightly.

Health Source Group, Inc. have found that no matter how exciting the professional opportunity may be, if you do not feel comfortable in the culture of your host country, you will not be happy. To help you decide if life in the U.S. is the life for you (and to help you adjust after you arrive), we have compiled this guide to life in the U.S.

It covers things official and unofficial—the climate, the holidays, taxes, healthcare, transportation and much more. We hope you find it helpful.

Here is the break done of the Life in the USA document in to smaller documents.
Settling In

Appliance Usage


Emergency Services



Planning Ahead



School System
Your Finances


Credit History

Credit Union


Debit and Credit Cards

Your Neighborhood

Mail Services

Public Library

Out and About

Entertainment in New Jersey

Entertainment in New York

Entertainment in Pennsylvania

Local Restaurants

Public Transportation



Your Surroundings

Customs and Holidays


The Four Seasons