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Compliance Program Overview

Health Source Group, Inc. has been and continues to be committed to conducting its business in full compliance with Federal, State, and local laws. Business integrity and conformity with this high standard are fundamental to HSG’s company policy and management values.

The company’s compliance plan is designed to provide support and guidance for all our employees. The program focuses on the prevention and detection of violations as well as reducing the prospect of unlawful or immoral conduct. At the same time, as a self-governance program, HSG provides mechanisms for reporting and investigating behavior inconsistent with our high moral standards.



    • Professional and ethical behavior is expected of all HSG employees. Breaches of any protocol must be reported immediately to   Manager and/or Director of your local area.
• HSG hiring standards and practices are adhered to by all personnel.
• Services will meet or exceed the high standards of quality care which are empowered in all HSG employees.
• All policies and procedures regarding HSG nursing clinical competency tests must be adhered to by all HSG employees.
• Any identified wrongdoing will be corrected in a timely manner.
• Ensure the competence and commitment of the company employees.
• Invoices are fair and accurate and all information required to support payment is properly documented.
• Marketing and other business practices comply with applicable regulatory standards.


Code of Ethics and Business Conduct



These are the values which HSG believes, shares, and strive to attain for each employee and Client. We believe the following workplace and ethic policies will enable our employees to be guided in their performance of their duties and responsibilities. We are proud of the exceptional services we provide, and as such, believe our continued success relies on commitment to an ethical work environment. In this regard, we will continue to strive to fulfill our obligations to out Clients and employees in accordance with the highest professional, moral, and ethical standards possible.


• Conflicts of Interest

* You may not participate in any transaction involving the Company and an entity in which you have a personal interest.

* Do not engage in any personal conduct that may conflict with the interests of the Company of its Clients. Such issues may  include lavish gifts and entertainment, personal investment or outside employment.

* Avoid any relationship, influence or activity that might impair your ability to make objective and fair decisions in performing  your job.

• Carefully Negotiate and Perform Contracts
  * In contract negotiations there must be a commitment to dealing fairly and honestly with Clients

* Once awarded, all contracts must be performed in compliances with specifications, requirements and clauses

• Protect Yourself  
* All employees are responsible for compliance with environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations. Do not perform  any activity you believe to be unsafe.

* HSG is committed to providing a drug-free, smoke-free, safe and healthy environment

• Proper Use of Proprietary Information and Company Assets
  * It is the responsibility of each employee to use and maintain Company and Client property, facilities and equipment with the  utmost care and respect

* All employees are responsible for complying with the requirements of Company trademarks and licenses

* The use of any proprietary or confidential information learned in the course of employment for personal benefit is  prohibited. This includes software copyright licenses. Keep all proprietary information protected and secure

* Supplies and equipment purchased by the Company are intended solely for use in Company business, unless otherwise   indicated by written notification.
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